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In 1963 Claudette began having an affair with the contractor who built the Orbison home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, while her husband was touring in Britain. Their friends and relatives attributed it to her youth and that she was unable to withstand being alone and bored. In the same year Roy Orbison was writing with his songwriting partner Bill Dees at his house when he told Dees to get started writing by playing anything that came to mind. Orbison's wife Claudette came in and said she was going to go into town to buy something. Orbison asked if she needed any money, and Dees cracked, 'Pretty woman never needs any money.'

Inspired, Orbison started singing, 'Pretty woman walking down the street.' Forty minutes later, 'Oh, Pretty Woman' was completed. Modul8 for pc. The single sold over seven million copies. Claudette and Roy Oribison.

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