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Blackboard helps clients enrich all aspects of the education experience by engaging and assessing learners, making their daily lives more convenient and secure, and keeping them informed and aware of the most important information. Blackboard Drive is now part of the Content Management Module license and today we are releasing Blackboard Drive for Windows ®. Blackboard Drive is the simple, user-friendly way to work with file based content in the Content Management module. Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that lets you manage and edit your online course files. You can use Blackboard Drive for Mac or Windows. Blackboard Drive Release 1.7 is supported for use with Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 SP 4 (9.1.40071.3) and later with a content management license. Blackboard Drive is a client desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X that allows desktop access to the Content Collection tab by mapping it as a shared network drive (a lettered drive on Windows and Shared Volume on Mac OS X). Blackboard Drive is the simple, user-friendly way to work with file based content in. Release Notes for Blackboard Drive 1.6 for Mac Blackboard Help.

Blackboard Drive allows you to mount remote volumes and folders on a WebDAV server, effectively turning the Internet into a secure, shared volume. The Blackboard Drive network volume behaves exactly like a Windows® OS shared volume, except that it uses HTTP and WebDAV protocols.

This permits any Windows® OS application to open and edit documents stored on a web server as easily as if the documents were on your computer. What Operating Systems Can Blackboard Drive Be Used On? The latest version of Blackboard Drive is supported on the following Operating Systems: • Windows® 7 32-bit and 64-bit OS • Mac OS X The current release version of Blackboard Drive for Windows® is 1.5.13477, and Blackboard Drive for Mac is 0.9. How Do I Download and Install Blackboard Drive?

If you are running the Mac OS X or the Windows XP operating system, then your choice will be easy. However, if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you will first need to determine if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. To make that determination, please follow the steps below. • Click the Start button.

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• In the 'Search programs and files' search box type 'dxdiag', as shown in Figure 1 below, and press the Enter key. • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will open.

In the System tab section, the third line will indicate what Operating System you have installed. In Figure 2 below, you can see that the operating system installed is Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. Now that you know which operating system you have installed, please use the Download links below to download the installation package and the Install Instruction links that provide installation instructions for the Blackboard Drive package that is correct for your system. As always, if you have any questions regarding this please contact the Technology Assistance Center. • Windows 7 32-bit - - • Windows 7 64-bit - - • Mac OS X - - Blackboard • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •.

Install Blackboard Drive Steps to install Bb Drive: 1. /timeline-wont-start-problems-with-timelime-for-mac/. Driver Run the appropriate executable for your computer found here: Installers for Windows •64-bit - •32-bit - Release Notes: Installer for Mac •64-bit - •Release Notes - 2. Click on the file that just downloaded in Step 1. This should be in the bottom left area of your screen.

Select language (English) 4. Click Next 5. Check Agreement, click Next. You may get a message saying 'Ready to Install Blackboard Drive' 6. Select Destination Folder C: Program Files (x86) Blackboard Drive Click 'Next' 7. Select preferred 'Installation Options', Click Next. You will get a 'Completed' screen.


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Click 'Finish'. You will get a message saying you must restart your computer. After restart, you will get a message to 'Please Stop and Read'. Asian floor pillows. Click 'Accept' 11. Cineform neoscene for mac. Upon startup, the program runs minimized in the System Tray. Verify that the BbDrive icon is displayed within the system tray and click on it.

Add a Volume The window should open with the Volumes tab active. Click the plus (+) sign in the bottom left corner to add a Volume. Configure the Volume Give the volume a name. The letter 'E' should work Enter one of the following URL's into the Full URL field depending on which folder you want to link to: (I recommend the 3rd option as that will give you access to all of your folders) • Enter ' in the Full URL field to link to your Courses folder. (this will link you to the folder that contains all of your courses) • Enter ' /users/ in the Full URL field to link to your User content folder. (this is your personal folder) • Enter ' in the Full URL field to link to the Institution folder (linking to this folder will give you access to all of your folders). Enter your Blackboard username and password for Username and password.

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