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Scythebill software - free bird listing software for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Scythebill Software. About Features Frequently Asked Questions Contact Blog Manual Download. Scythebill is cross-platform - you don't need to lose your list just because you switch from Mac to Windows to Linux. Thayer Birding Software makes the top-rated birding software for Windows and Mac computers. Guide to Birds of North America version 7 includes over 6,500 color photos, 1,400 songs, 552 videos, 700 quizzes, side-by-side comparisions and more. Bird Tick List Free, is the little brother of Bird Tick List Pro. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best Graphic Design Software the Mac. Wildlife Recorder is available in two editions, Basic and Professional, both come with the same comprehensive species databases for birds, butterflies, moths, dragonflies and mammals (depending on version purchased).

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Listing Software for Birders, Birdwatchers and other Naturalists - Wildlife Recorder Wildlife Recorder. Wildlife Recorder is our comprehensive records and lists keeping package. Several versions are available to cater for beginners to professional users. User Friendly and Flexible, Enter your sightings in minutes. Using the keyboard or advanced speech recognition. Automatically keep any number of life or year lists. Analyse your data anyway you want.

Make Great Looking Trip reports. Print your own Checklists for any part of the globe. Analyse your data using spreadsheets and charts.

The list might be of the birds seen in your own backyard, or it may be a life list, which is a list of all the birds you have seen since you started bird watching. Like other aspects of bird watching, listing can be very casual or very competitive, and either kept personal or publicly shared and compared.

Find out what birds occur in any country of the world Seamlessly integrate with handheld computers (PDAs) to provide a complete system which can be used at home or in the field. Link to your digital photos, videos, sound clips and other media by using the Media Strip. Features Species with a complete and up-to-date World Species database or optionally a local database (Western Palearctic or N orth American). The World version contains distribution information for all the countries of the World + states for large countries, 393 areas in total. Other databases available include World Mammals, European Butterflies, British Dragonflies, North American Butterflies, North American Dragonflies, British Moths and British vascular plants.

Sightings Keeps including unlimited free text notes. Wildlife Lister even has its own mini word processor to let you format your notes. Sightings can be entered either in trip form or using the bulk sightings entry facility which allows rapid entry in any sequence. Locations Keeps you have visited. The database provided contains all the countries of the World plus state names for larger countries. You may enter details of States, Counties and Sites.

Best Bird Listing Software

Sub-sites can be defined if required. Observers Keep details of the observers who provided the sightings data. Lists An unlimited number of lists can be kept automatically from the sightings you have entered. Any type of lists can be produced; country, state, county, site, faunal zone, ABA/AOU lists are all possible. Wildlife Recorder will automatically keep life lists and if required detailed year lists. College swimming and diving Lists are automatically calculated from sightings data.

Bird Listing Software For Mac

Top 7 alternatives to windirstat for mac. And contain information about the species seen, first and last dates, early and late dates etc. Queries Flexible Queries allow you can pull up a list of sightings for a site, county, country or any of the data you have entered, you can even search your free form notes.

The Query designer allows you to design your own queries. Wildlife Lister is provided with a comprehensive set of reports to print checklists, trip reports, lists etc. Reports can be output to the printer, as a web page (HTML), an Adobe Acrobat document (PDF) or as a rich text file which can be edited using a word processor. A Report Designer is included so you can design your own reports.

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