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If you don’t install a VPN on your Mac, you make yourself highly vulnerable to a ton of threats to your online privacy, such as unwanted surveillance from your ISP and even targeted advertising based on your browsing history. That being said, choosing the most suitable one isn’t easy, as so many providers claim to offer the ‘best VPN for Mac users’. We help you make the right choice by running extensive tests on each VPN to ensure it works well on all popular Mac devices, including older versions of MacOS and OSX, without sacrificing privacy features, and publishing our findings in our comprehensive, user-friendly reviews.

The best VPN services for Mac allow you to enjoy private, encrypted browsing along with worldwide access to your favorite sites and apps, free from surveillance and unwanted data collection. Our proprietary speed-testing tool is constantly running in several different locations worldwide, meaning we can provide you with the most up-to-date VPN speed test data on the current market. To see which VPN we recommend for a specific purpose, tell us why you need one below, or read on for the best picks for Mac.

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ExpressVPN is our pick for Mac as it’s simply the best all-round VPN. Its biggest strength is reliability. No other VPN offers such consistently fast speeds across its entire network, even on distant connections. Nor do many match its uninterrupted access to Netflix and other big streaming services. The Mac app is user-friendly and easy-to-use and the list of supported other devices long. The three connection limit could be more generous, but that will still be enough for most. ExpressVPN is equally strong on privacy.


Mac Torrents is added in the list of the best torrenting sites for Mac because it offers a special section of gaming torrents to the gaming fanatics. If you wish to play your preferred online games on Mac devices, Mac Torrents is a requisite choice. Find the best VPN for Mac to browse, stream and game on your MacBook or iMac running OS X. Protect your privacy and unblock geographic restrictions.

The VPN killswitch is a must-have feature and its logging policy is very sensible, collecting only anonymous usage stats in order to maintain performance on the huge global network. Clusterdesktop portable how to use for mac. Customer care is best-in-class with 24/7 live support and friendly, helpful agents. It also still works well in China, which says a lot about how good it is. It’s not the cheapest option but you can bring the monthly fee right down to $6.67 on a 15-month plan, which is superb value for such an all-round performer. NordVPN is a cheaper alternative to ExpressVPN for Mac that does the basics incredibly well – even if it lacks the full package offered by its rival. It’s very fast, secure and one of the very few services to reliably work with both Netflix and iPlayer.

Downloads on local connections peak at 307Mbps while uploads average 107Mbps, making it one of the fastest on the market. The Mac app is slick and user-friendly and while you can protect up to a generous six devices at once, dedicated apps are limited to only the most popular platforms. Manual VPN protocol selection and no city-level servers are a minus but we do like privacy features such as the VPN killswitch and the strict zero-logs policy. The customer support is good but can be slow.

It’s not the best option for China either. So while NordVPN falls a little short of ExpressVPN overall, on a two-year subscription, it works out a lot cheaper at $3.99 per month. Cyberghost is our top budget VPN pick for Mac. Not only is it very cheap but it also competes with its more premium rivals on several key fronts, especially streaming and privacy. Access to Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services is rock solid thanks to dedicated streaming servers. Torrenting/Kodi performance is equally good except on US servers, where P2P traffic is sadly banned.

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