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I've always thought having a dedicated app for to-do lists is overkill when Notes is already so powerful. Just select the checklist icon. You can format things however you like with headings, bold text, etc.; and it even has collaborative features in case you want to share to-dos. I've tried apps like Todolist, Wunderlist,, and-the-like. Please contact me if you have any suggestions for best Mac OS apps! I haven't included any of the default apps that come with Mac OS. I haven't included any of the default apps that come with Mac OS. All of these apps are actually used by me.

Genogram template top result for mac. Most of our choices come in free versions, so you can try one, see if it's a good fit for you, and then go on to the next app if you want to check if there is something better out there. What to look for in a to-do list app? The most useful apps can track to-do lists, help you complete tasks on time, remind you of events, keep you organized, and allow you to work on tasks with coworkers. Many also let you set location-based reminders to nudge about something when you reach -- or leave -- a destination. Most of our picks have a Web counterpart and are available for Windows PCs and Android devices if you are working with a team of people. Can you sync tasks across platforms?

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If you check your tasks on a Mac and iPhone, look for a to-do list app that syncs across all your devices. Most of our picks have iPhone and Android versions, and if you get stuck, you can usually manage your tasks via a website. Many of our selections also have extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

And some also work with the Apple Watch, letting you view notifications on your wrist. Can you share tasks and to-do lists with others? Circle command autocad for mac.

A checklist app is a replacement for a project-management software such as Microsoft Project, but if you are part of a team that just needs to track tasks, share documents, write notes, and assign to-do items, a task app, such as Remember The Milk or Todoist, comes with collaborative tools for managing team projects and could be a perfect fit for your team. What about free versus paid? If you only need to manage your own simple to-do lists and keep a few notes, a free to-do list app, such as the Mac's homegrown Reminders app or Google's Keep app, could be up to the task. But if you are managing a lot of tasks, consider paying for premium features, which can include recurring tasks, subtasks, and tags. A subscription may also include collaboration tools -- such as team scheduling and project-management -- to help you track tasks across a team. Annual subscriptions start at around $25.


Can you manage your to-do list online? Nearly all of our picks let you manage your tasks and lists via a Web browser -- or a browser extension -- on a Mac.

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