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Best RSS reader for Mac: 6 reviewed and rated. Add its RSS feed in your app of choice (a process known as subscribing), and hey presto, the news rolls in. RSS readers on test. Mixtab - Free. Feedly Native App (Free). Using the Feedly native Mac app is essentially putting the site into a shell. By default, all your links still open in the browser.

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Is the best RSS client for macOS users. It syncs with lots of third-party services, looks good, and makes it easy to share content with others. Didn’t Google kill that off? The closure of Google Reader had many predicting the death of RSS, but in its wake, numerous services have sprung up, and there’s been a resurgence in RSS applications for both iOS and macOS. Unread — — doesn’t have a desktop version, but that doesn’t mean the genre is dead. Quite the opposite in fact; searching “RSS” in the Mac App Store yields well over a dozen applications for sale.

So, which one is best? Evaluation Criteria When looking at RSS clients for the Mac, integration is the name of the game. Any real contender should be able to pull feeds from any of the popular online services such as,,, and more. In testing apps for this review, I set up accounts with Feedly, Feedbin, and Feed Wrangler with the same set of feeds subscribed to in each. For apps that don’t sync with RSS services, I had a test.OPML file with the same feeds in the same folders.

Getting data out is just as important, however. A good RSS app should be able to save content to read-it-later services and share links on social networks as well as built-in macOS apps like Mail, Messages, and more.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, a good RSS client should be easy to use and present users with a clean, efficient reading environment. When it comes to dealing with lots of text, good UI and UX decisions are critical. The Pick: Reeder for Mac The best RSS client for macOS is.

Reeder should be a familiar name to iOS users. In fact, when the Mac app first launched in 2011, it was a port from iOS to the Mac. Here’s Federico Viticci Whilst Reeder for iOS and Reeder for Mac are the same app as far as the main concept goes (quickly fetch unread items for Google Reader, skim through them easily, provide features to do anything you want with RSS feeds), Reeder on macOS is obviously more “powerful” when you take in consideration the keyboard support, the subscription management, or the simple fact that links can be opened in the background in your desktop browser. For as much as people have criticized Reeder for Mac for being the start of an evil trend that will see iOS apps coming to the desktop (good luck with that), the undeniable truth is that Reeder is a Mac app, with all the evident advantages and limitations that come with it. While the app we have today has seen a lot of improvements and changes in the years since launch, the fundamental experience of using Reeder has remained: it’s a fast and fluid way to blast through RSS feeds on the Mac. Reeder and Online Services Reeder can sync with a whole suite of online services, including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Reeder syncs smoothly with all three of my test accounts: Feedly, Feedbin, and Feed Wrangler.

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Best rss reader for mac

Unlike some apps that struggle with Feed Wrangler’s filters-that-are-only-kind-of-folders approach, Reeder knew what to do, presenting items organized by folder like the other accounts. When coupled with one of these services, Reeder will pull in unread items based on their state with the service.

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Mark something read on the web, and Reeder won’t pull it as unread. This means that if you use an RSS client on your iPad or iPhone as well as your Mac, they should stay in sync. Goldwave v5 70 keygen for mac. Marking something as read on one device will mean it will show as read on others.

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Syncing with a web service also means that the speed at which an article will appear in Reeder isn’t up to the app itself, but the service in question. Speaking of speed, Reeder can be incredibly fast.

Best Rss Reader For Mac

In testing, it was able to sync with a Feedly account with 4,500 unread items in less than a minute. The full roster of services Reeder can share data to can be found in the application’s preferences: Once set up, this can be prove to be very powerful and efficient, but the setup process is a little clunky. A sharing method has to be enabled, but the app also allows a user to pin these to the toolbar or be assigned a keyboard shortcut. Whenever possible, Reeder uses macOS’s native share sheets, like when sending a tweet: All in all, Reeder plays nice with more services than you can shake a stick at. Reading in Reeder RSS is all about text, so any RSS app worth its salt should provide a great reading experience. Imtoo youtube hd video downloader for mac. Reeder tackles this with a whole slew of settings: I normally wouldn’t be sharing so many screenshots of preferences, but I think it’s important to note just how many tools are at the user’s fingertips when it comes to fine-tuning Reeder.

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