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Parallel Printer To Usb Driver

The ICUSB1284 6 ft USB to Parallel Printer Adapter - M/M allows USB capable PCs to print to any standard parallel printer, converting a USB port into a Centronics (male) connector for direct connection to a parallel printer. Belkin offers a diverse product mix that provides people with seamless electronics integration in their homes, cars, and on the go. Belkin, a privately held company founded in California in 1983, is the recognized global leader in connectivity solutions.


Usb Parallel Port Driver

The Belkin Components USB Parallel Printer Adapter will allow any Windows® 98 PC equipped with a USB port to print to any parallel printer. USB allows the connection of up to 127 devices to a single PC. The Belkin USB Parallel Printer Adapter allows you to attach your parallel printer through a USB port, and leave your parallel port available for parallel scanners or cameras. Adapter plugs into a USB port and offers a parallel int. Outlook for mac pgp.

Click to expand. You have to install the driver for the host o/s.Once you do that then you can transfer to the guest. If your Host is Mac.then insert the usb to serial adapter and install the Mac driver (If the HOST is XP then do the same except use the XP driver).then check to make sure it WORKS in the HOST(Very Important step).Then you can do one of two things.Either. Go to your settings for the guest machine and add a serial port and use physical serial port and select the com port that the Host assigned to the usb to serial device.This option will always make the serial port on the guest machine be assigned to Com when you connect to your rs232 device via the serial port, select Com 1 in the guest o/s. Click to expand.Drval, Yes.the belkin usb to serial portable adapter seems to be a bit more reliable. I think the main problem with the keyspan adapter is that it uses its own interface to configure the adapter.When it's all said and done.information has to go through the guest o/s com port assignments.then the virtual pipe.then through the keyspan assistant mapping, then the Host o/s com port assignments before it ever reaches its destination.too many irons in the fire and data integrity is comprimised.It's a great and very flexible serial interface for use in a single machine's just too many bells and whistles for a virtual environment.My Opinion only though.

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I have the Keyspan and yes it works but sketchy is a good description. Most of the time if I follow this procedure it will work: 1) boot mac 2) insert Keyspan USB serial 3) start or resume my Parallels XP VM 4) select keyspan from USB menu It is then good for ONE and ONLY ONE open/close from a serial program either one I wrote or hyperterminal. Once I do that OPEN and CLOSE I must: 1) deselect Keyspan USB from the parallels USB menu 2) wait at least 10 seconds 3) reselect Keyspan USB from the parallels USB menu Usually this will work for another single OPEN/CLOSE. It is a real pain.

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