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  1. Beatport Pro For Mac

Beatport Pro for Desktop. I can’t add tracks to the cart, how to fix this? I have received an incomplete file, how can I recover it? What formats are supported in the Beatport Pro for Mac Library Manager? Why don't all of my. 1 alternative and related products to Beatport Pro for Mac. Beatport Pro for Mac Buy and organize all your music. For DJs, by DJs. Tech DJing Music Mac. Baboom Next gen myspace for music (by @kimdotcom) get it. 3 Alternatives to Baboom. Previous Next. Suggest alternatives to Beatport Pro for Mac. Beatport Pro is a serious attempt at an iTunes replacement for DJs who want to use a proper music library program but want one aimed at DJs.

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Beatport Pro For Mac

Beatport Pro For Mac

First Impressions / Setting up Beatport Pro features a very simple-looking interface that bears some resemblance to iTunes, albeit a dark iTunes. The main screen in the middle shows your audio files with various sorting columns that you can arrange according to taste, while the left sidebar displays drop down arrows for categories in your Collection and the Beatport Store (actually, to get iTunes to look like this since v11 involves some rearrangement of the default view, but it’s still possible). The right sidebar displays extended metadata for a track that you’ve selected which you can tweak, and the bottom features a track waveform that you can use to skip around in – potentially handy for checking out build-ups and drops.

In Use Collection While it’s possible to sync your entire iTunes Library with Beatport Pro so you have access to all your songs immediately, I think the best way to get acquainted with the software would be to process chunks of music at a time. Unless you’ve been religious in keeping your tunes organised, you probably have a lot of duplicates as well as broken files that you don’t want imported, so instead of getting frustrated with having to clear all of these out, I’d say start small. That’s what I did, and here’s how I got on Starting out A great way to get familiar with the way Beatport Pro works is to create a playlist which you can populate with a handful of tunes. Here I’ve created a rather generic “EDM” playlist, but it’s good enough to start. Selecting a track brings up its attributes on the right sidebar, along with a host of characteristics that you can fill in so that you can use them to filter them out later. When you’re just starting out with Beatport Pro, the best way to get acquainted with it is to start with a small batch of songs.

That way, you don’t have to deal with removing duplicate songs (which could take hours) and erroneous files. Clicking “Sync with Beatport” lets you interface with the Beatport Store where you can download metadata information for your track as well as the related album art.

Note that this is not an automated process and you’d still have to pick out the title that matches your track, so don’t expect any “batch” processing of sorts where you can leave Beatport Pro to fetch all your data for your songs. It’s a bit time consuming, and this is partly the reason why I recommend that you start out with a handful of songs in the beginning.

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Trying a new music library system is a bit like moving house – what’s the point in throwing all your junk in boxes and bringing it with you when you can use the exercise as an excuse for rationalising as you go along? Filling out fields Once done, you’ll find that Beatport has filled out some of the attribute fields for you on the right sidebar such as the right genre (according to Beatport, anyway), the song’s key as well as the proper BPM, however we suggest that you go even further and fill out the other attributes: Doing so lets you filter and search for a very narrow slice of your music library, letting you get very track-specific when you need to. Try setting the Mood, Vocal, and Set Time fields, for starters. You can also add your own custom tags (potential option for anyone who wants to categorise their collection in unique, as-yet-unthought of ways). Filtering Now that you’ve filled out some tags for these tracks, it’s going to be a lot easier searching for songs when you’re preparing a set. You can filter for particular tags so you can zero in on the perfect song to drop during your set, and you can make your search criteria as simple or as deep as you want depending on how many attribute fields you’ve filled up in your songs. Beatport lets you search for songs by using Filters which sort out characteristics of songs in your collection.

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