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Having transformed from a high quality but niche product, the Apple Mac has now become a desirable and high spec player in the home computing and education marketplaces. And this has helped Apple become a rapidly rising star in the business world, becoming a far more familiar sight in workplaces, well beyond its traditional design and publishing sector domination. But whilst they are undoubtedly popular tools, are Macs a realistic option in the PC-centric SME environment? Due to their increasing use in the home, more business owners and senior managers are asking for Macs for use in the office, but there are undoubtedly concerns over the practicality of running two largely separate platforms together.

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Bcw Research Video For Mac

As an outsourced IT specialist this is particularly relevant to me and my clients, and so I have been extensively testing the platforms to assess the degrees to which both systems can work in harmony. Although I’m from a technical background, in looking at the issue I am firmly bearing in mind that a regular user (who has probably got a Mac at home they use for photos, web browsing and e-mail) will be by no means a Mac or Windows expert. /game-platforms-for-mac/. To set the scene, my company is internally a 100% Microsoft environment, just like the vast majority of SMEs. We run Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2010 for e-mail, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SQL based databases.

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All desktops and laptops are running Windows 7 and Office 2010. We also run a Citrix server system for remote working. Personally I run a Windows desktop computer and until recently I also ran a Windows laptop for work. Foxtrot professional search for mac However, my home machines are all Macs as I’ve been a Mac user for many years – so I have a long history of using both platforms. My normal work consists of the usual editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and Outlook for e-mail, plus using our Microsoft Dynamics based CRM system.

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According to a BCW spokesperson, the market leader structure allows for greater collaboration across the region and responsiveness to staff, as well as the ability to go to market faster with greater strength. Are Macs a realistic option for SMEs? By Paul Mew on October 28, 2011 No Comments 189 views Having transformed from a high quality but niche product, the Apple Mac has now become a desirable and high spec player in the home computing and education marketplaces.

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