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Learn how to shoot and develop stunning 360-degree panoramas and interactive virtual tours. Whether you're shooting real estate or outdoor landscapes, the process starts with great raw images. Ron Pepper and Rich Harrington discuss the gear you need to get good 360-degree shots, including camera, lens, and tripod options, and share tips for shooting both standard and HDR images. Then they demonstrate post-processing techniques that use popular applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photomatix Pro, and dedicated stitching software such as PTGui. Once the images are developed, you'll discover how to share interactive images and virtual tours online with services such as Roundme and Spinattic or your own web server.

Instructor •. Rich Harrington is a digital video expert, educator, speaker, and author.

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As a digital video expert and trained business professional, Rich Harrington understands both the creative and management sides of the visual communications industry. He is the founder of the visual communications company in Washington, DC. He is a certified instructor for Adobe and Apple and a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team. Rich is a popular speaker on the digital video circuit and has served as program manager for conferences hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

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He has also written several books for the video industry, including An Editor's Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro, From Still to Motion, and Photoshop for Video. To explore more resources for media professionals and to watch Rich's many podcasts, visit. By: Paul Taggart course • 33m 34s • 1,462 viewers • Course Transcript - We've talked about batch processing before during the stitching process when you have many, many panoramas to process, but now that we've done that, we have many, many bracketed panoramas to process.

Alexander wilson releases two new apps for macbook pro. So let's talk about how to batch process those in Photomatix Pro. In a previous movie, we used batch processing in PTGui Pro to create bracketed panoramas, and I promised we would process those brackets in batch processing using Photomatix Pro. Let's do that. I've moved all of my bracketed panoramas into a single folder, but each of those panoramas has a different number of brackets, at least some of them do. For instance, the first and second panorama are made up of seven bracketed shots.

Hauppauge pvr driver. As we scroll down, we see that here's one with five brackets and the next one with four, and then another one with four. That's okay, we can use the power of Photomatix Pro to figure out which ones go together.

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