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I just spent some time boring into my little area of pc archaeology and unearthed three aztech cards, thought I would share the moment. As they are all 16bit isa sb clones I was a bit surprised how they varied: MMPRO 16 IIA, which was my first sound card. It's got a midi card header, ide cdrom header, some other header labelled expcon, and the big chips are Aztech AZT2316 and Crystal CS4231A-KL. Setup I'm guessing the azt2316 is on opl clone of some kind. Got fond memories of the sound and music from this card, on crappy battery speakers.

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DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows drivers on the web. Use the list below to find the correct Aztech Windows driver.Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver. Aztech Sound Galaxy Audio Driver WinNT, Aztech Sound Galaxy Audio Driver Win9X.

SOUND 16B SRS 3D which is pretty bare and basically seems to just have an AZT2320 OPL and a midi card header. I don't really know what these chips all do, but it doesn't seem to have enough.

Aztech Sound Card Driver

/hdalth-camera-driver-for-mac/. The 2320 seems to be an opl3 clone. SOUND GALAXY WAVERIDER PRO 32-3D (I) PNP. Solder points for a midi card header [but no header], ide header, 3 big chips: Aztech AZT2320 OPL [guess this is the opl3 the box mentions], SEC C731B, and a SAMSUNG KS0174-1MO4 WAVETABLE.[/img] Attachments srs (289.36 KiB) Downloaded 464 times waverider (117.4 KiB) Downloaded 481 times mmpro (131.67 KiB) Downloaded 490 times Oldbie Posts: 1491 Joined: 2006-5-09 @ 15:06. The AZT2320 sounds practically 100% identical to true OPL3. I have an Aztech sound card(I think specially-made for HP) with the AZT2320 chipset and I love that thing. The one thing I'm not too fond of is the clarity of the OPL3. It comes out like in DOSBox: 100% unfiltered.

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Sound Card Driver Dell

I'm not really a fan of raw FM Synthesis; it need some filtering for it to sound good to my ears. But what really impressed me about the AZT2320 was the clarity of the SoundBlaster Pro digital sound. It's the clearest of any sound card I've ever used, perhaps a little too clear. It's also got a minor bug with the SoundBlaster Pro digital sound where sometimes, a digital sound will stop too soon. I'll have to record that sound card at some time on all my DOS games(Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars TIE Fighter, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Descent, Red Baron, etc.).

Here's the sound card in question: One of the weirdest-looking sound cards I've ever seen, but damn, does it work well. Oldbie Posts: 529 Joined: 2010-10-16 @ 17:35 Location: Montreal, Canada.

Sound Card Driver Download

Hey copados33, I have the exact same card (), but as a Packard Bell OEM version, so the Aztech stickers are stickered over with Packard Bell ones. It is recognized by Win95 as an Aztech Sound Galaxy Washington 16. Not a bad card really-- compatible with SB Pro and has always sounded really good. Pc daw for mac. I don't know much else about it though, I haven't explored any other capabilities it might have, though it's been with me since I first played DOS games back in 1995. One thing I just noticed the other day is that it actually has a YMF262-M on it, so it should technically be capable of OPL3.

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