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Description Learn Ayatul Kursi is a word by word interactive Islamic learning application for kids developed by Quranreading.com. This is an app with word by word Ayatul Kursi recitation, translation and transliteration to help kids in learning to read Ayatul Kursi and memorize it. Ayatul Kursi has countless benefits which are evident from Ahadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Whoever recites this ayat, Allah will protect them from every problem, which is the reason why Ayatul Kursi is one of the first Duas taught to Muslim Kids. Suitcase fusion 8. The main features of “Learn Ayatul Kursi” are: Recitation of each word separately by highlighting the Arabic word from Ayatul Kursi in a box with translation of the Arabic word in English along with its transliteration. Word by Word recitation of Ayatul Kursi is given to show the kids which sound is produced for each Arabic word.

Ayat is the desktop version of the KSU Holy Quran projec. 1. Jumper 4 ()KSU Holy Quran.

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User can tap on the next or previous button to see the new word or use the play button on bottom to listen to the recitation of same word again and as many times they want. When kids have learned to recite word by word Ayatul Kursi, they can then use the full Ayatul Kursi tab to read full surah in one flow. This app also gives complete recitation of Ayatul Kursi with its translation and transliteration. English Translation provides help to kids in understanding the meaning of Ayatul Kursi. In the setting, User Is presented with multiple app themes, text sizes and colors Rate us to let us know what you think about Learn Ayatul Kursi and help us bring more quality Islamic applications for your kids.

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