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How to Change the Audio Settings on a Computer. You have the very latest computer model. You have first rate software. Now it is time to add sound to this environment. The Home of The Architecural Loudspeaker, Preference Audio, is the benchmark of sound quality and price range by which audio industry experts judge all others.

Credit: YakobchukOlena/iStock/Getty Images Step Install a sound card, if your computer doesn't have one. However, most do. You also need speakers, but they too come standard on most computers today. Ask a salesperson if there is doubt that your computer is audio-ready. Softgate gsoap toolkit for mac Step Open the volume control utility on your computer. You can find this program by clicking on the 'Start' button then 'All Programs,' then 'Accessories,' 'Entertainment' and then 'Volume Control.' Step Set the volume control by sliding the bar up and down for higher and lower, respectively.

Serato Dj Audio Preferences

Step Add bass and treble to your liking, also from the volume control. Take some time to explore this program. Hear what happens when you move the different bars to other positions. If you are unhappy with the new settings, put them back to their original positions.


Audio Preferences Ableton Live

Step Adjust different devices separately. For example, you can mute all sound, or you can mute just programs you are not presently using. It is your choice. Step Jam with your new found sound from your computer. Change the audio settings frequently or never, according to your mood.

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