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With the right software, your Mac can take dictation. Step Open the Speech preference pane in System Preferences. Click on the Speech Recognition tab. Click on the 'Speakable Items:' On button, then click on the 'Open Speakable Items Folder' button. Php ide for mac. /mega-man-x8-for-mac/. Speakable items comes with many automatic actions but will need to be customized to insert text into a document. For example, you can use Automator, an included scripting utility, to add boilerplate text to TextEdit and Word documents when you speak certain commands. However, Speakable Items is much more suited to launching applications and other system interaction.

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Read below for instructions on converting an MP3 audio file to a text document. The Basics of Configuring Your Mac to Transcribe.MP3 Audio. Here’s what you need: The original media (.mp3 file, for example) Soundflower. Soundflower is an application that creates a virtual audio channel and directs audio input and output to physical or virtual devices.

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I am working on a project where I am having my wife's grandmother telling her life story into a digital audio recorder which creates WMA audio files that play fine in QuickTime with Flip4Mac installed. I want to have these files transcribed into text. She speaks clearly so I think a speech-to-text program may do the job for the most part and do some manual touch up afterward.

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Can anyone recommend what I should use for this job? The only program I know of is MacDictate/MacSpeech. That's $150+ so that's out of the question. Is their anything out there that works and won't break the bank?

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