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Click to expand.those accessories are expensive whne u add em all up there not 'necessary' but an option. I went all out, incase canvas sleeve, incase canvas backpack, speck see thru clear, moshi palmgaird, moshi clearguabrd. A protector for the screen is stupid IMO. Its glass so its very tough and in terms of preventing finger prints.dont touch the ********** screen.

My stuff sounds alot but my macbook pro still looks dam sexy and out of everything i only reocmend a sleeve. Everything else is optional also note im a student so i take my macbook everywhere. No to the items you mention. What is a good solution to protect your Mac is a sleeve within a good computer carrying case. The reason I suggest a sleeve is Macs are so thin, it will take up the extra space in the case and provide additional protection in the event you drop it. I carry mine everyday, and once out of the sleeve, have nothing to protect the aluminum.

It's too beautiful to cover, with reasonable care scratches or dents are not something to worry about. If Apple wanted you to cover it they would say so. The aluminum is part of the cooling, so covering it impedes airflow over the surface. All of mine look as good as new. I have a $2 keyboard protector from Amazon. It's extraordinarily crappy (white paint that doesn't line up with the backlight) but it works. I use one because I like to eat things while using my computer, and I'm tired of feeling a crunching noise as the key crushes some old piece of long-forgotton Dorito.

Also, I bought a Moshi Codex case for both my 13' and 15' Macs. It's hard (you can lean on it with your elbow without fear), convenient (you can use the laptop in the case), and looks damn nice. It has memory foam on the inside and a carrying handle. It's a bit pricy (bought mine for $70 + $4 overnight shipping on Amazon) but it's well worth it. I bought this for $17.50 from HongKong, Does what its suppose to and I'm very happy with it, Provides protection from scratches and other dings from outside and also comes with great silicon keyboard protection that I have been thankful for having.

Keeping my Keyboard keys nice and clean along with their matte finish in pristine condition. After just 1 week of use I started noticing the Matte finish getting all shiny from use, anyway you don't have to buy it if you don't want to but I did and I'm pleased with it because couple years down the road when I want to sell my laptop to upgrade to a newer model it will help me get decent return($$) on my MBP. Answers to your questions are very dependent on your usage habits. Do you eat or drink around your MBP?

Sep 18, 2014  English/Russian Keyboard Protector Cover Skin For Mac ToBuyCanada. CrystalGuard Keyboard Protector Review- Apple Macbook Pro. Colouring Apple Mac Wireless Keyboard using Copic Markers. ProCase hard shell case and keyboard cover If you want the whole package, many hard shell cases already come with keyboard covers, and ProCase's cases are dynamite. There are 11 color options to choose from for the 15-inch model and 17 for the 13-inch, starting from $16. Specifications: New concept of keeping keyboard safety. Made of durable flexible silicone. Provide super comfortable feeling for your input. Protect keyboards from everyday hazards, such as dust, leftovers, insects and liquids.

If so, get a keyboard protector. It will help prevent liquids from getting inside if you spill something. If you're rarely going to take it from the house then you probably don't need a shell. Just a sleeve or nice laptop bag for the occasions when you do go out, and be careful when you're moving it around the house. The only things I have are a Moshi Palmguard and a decal on the top (because we have 3 MBPs at my house that look almost exactly the same. Helps me tell which one is mine with just a glance). Paragon ntfs for mac download.

Asking Keyboard Protector For Macbooks (with Touch Bar Us)

Asking Keyboard Protector For Mac

Keyboard Protector For Mac Book Air

Other than that, just a nice laptop bag. Do you mean you rarely leave home without it? Reasonable care and reasonable behavior go a long way to protecting any laptop. /iam-currently-using-quicken-for-mac/. I guess the question is what kind of risk does it get exposed to and where is that risk occurring? Personally my macbook air just goes into a standard laptop carrier. I don't believe in stashing any laptop inside a big backpack filled with other stuff (books etc) that's just asking for trouble in my opinion.

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