Ariana Grande Is Being Blamed For Mac

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Unfortunately, many people immediately blamed his ex-girlfriend, singer Ariana Grande, posting accusations on her Instagram and to Twitter. Grande has since disabled her Instagram comments. This isn’t the first time Grande has gotten heat because of Mac Miller. Ariana Grande Blamed For Mac Miller’s Death: Fans Blast Her Social Media Accounts The singer was forced to disable her Instagram comments section. Mac Miller is being mourned worldwide after passing away of an apparent overdose yesterday.

The singer was forced to disable her Instagram comments section. Is being mourned worldwide after passing away of an apparent overdose yesterday. His fans are experiencing turmoil to the point of needing someone to blame for the rapper's untimely death. Many of these individuals chose his ex-girlfriend as a prime suspect to that end. Ariana and Mac seemed inseparable during their romantic relationship that lasted two years. After facing some challenges together, including the Manchester bombing, the couple called it quits in May 2018. /a-nice-simple-binary-clock-screen-saver-for-mac/.

Despite their being separated for only a matter of days, Ariana started dating Pete Davidson. The new lovers then got engaged shortly after.

Fans of Miller's assume that their icon died from a broken heart, insisting that the rapper would still be alive if it weren't for Grande's 'evil' actions. One social media user goes as far I accusing her of murder:' It's funny because you actually did kill him.' The 'God is a woman' singer finally disabled the comments section function on most of her Instagram posts to stop the flood of hate.

Pete Davidson has been by Ariana Grande’s side since the shocking death of her ex Mac Miller and he’s determined to keep her safe from the trolls blaming her for Mac’s tragic overdose., 24, is not happy about Ariana Grande, 25, being blamed by trolls for her ex Mac Miller‘s demise and he’s determined to make sure she stays safe. “Pete is amazing, he’s so solid, and he’s like, totally Ariana’s rock, her shoulder to cry on, support system, voice of reason, best friend, everything,” a source close to Ariana EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Pete knows grief, he’s been through unmentionable horror and loss himself, and it doesn’t frighten him—he’s a real stand-up guy. For all his goofy, comedian persona, he’s actually a super deep and sweet guy, he’s really empathetic, and he loves Ariana with every piece of his heart, all he wants to do is protect her as much as humanly possible.”. Mac in his home on Sept. 7 from an apparent overdose after dealing with drug addiction for years. His death comes just four months after his split from Ariana and the “Love Me Harder” singer was forced to after trolls kept leaving her harsh comments of blame.

Ariana Grande Is Being Blamed For Mac

“It’s a terrible situation, it’s bad enough that Ariana is suffering the trauma of losing somebody she cared deeply about, but then to be blamed for his death is just despicable, it’s such a low blow and totally unwarranted,” the source continued. /facebook-browser-free-download-for-mac/. “Pete is doing all he can to shield her from any poison and negativity.

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Mac had a lot of demons that he was battling and he struggled with addiction issues throughout his whole life pretty much so to try and lay the blame at Ariana’s feet is truly appalling—she’s just heartbroken.” Ariana has yet to publicly comment on Mac’s death but the two were extremely close for the two years that they were together so it must be affecting her quite a bit. Ariana spoke out about Mac’s issues shortly after their breakup when fans also blamed her.

She explained that she’s not a babysitter and the relationship was very hard due to the ups and downs of Mac’s addictions. We’ve reached out to Pete’s rep for comment.

Ariana Grande Being Carried

But, you know, why focus on a promising young artist dying at the peak of his career (and the cause of death, which if what’s been speculated turns out to be true, would make Miller yet another victim of our national out-of-control opioid and substance addiction crises) when news outlets and fans can instead blame his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande? In the blog post that broke the story of his death, TMZ—in an endless quest to outpace its infamous shamelessness—wrote: “Mac Miller died Friday of an apparent overdose.TMZ has learned. Miller has had trouble recently with substance the wake of his breakup with Ariana Grande. The rapper wrecked his G-Wagon by wrapping it around a utility pole back in May and was arrested for a DUI and hit and run. He fled the scene but cops say he later confessed a.

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