Apple Implements 'managed Distribution', Volume

  1. Apple Implements Managed Distribution Volume Purchase Program

Waltr 1.7.2 cracked serial for mac. Mobility Suite's MDM can manage the VPP app only if it's installed in one of the following ways: • MDM pushes the VPP app to the end user's device as a required app and the end user installs it. • The end user accesses the VPP app from the Work Hub or End-User Portal. After you enroll in Apple's VPP, you can download a service token file from your Apple account. Mobility Suite uses the service token file to establish connection with Apple's VPP program and download VPP information for purchased apps. VPP is only available in certain regions. Calculator

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Apple Implements Managed Distribution Volume Purchase Program


Organizations that want to start purchasing volume licensed iOS apps can finally leverage Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP) with Microsoft Intune. Almost all of the apps available in iTunes Store (App Store) can be volume purchased and distributed to managed devices.

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