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Hello, How are you monitoring your CPU temp? I was using Temperature Monitor, but several folks on the Mac Pro discussion forum told me that it was not reliable and to download iStat Pro. I will download it this afternoon.

I had a session the other day and my Duet was really hot (was worse with phantom power on), but not so much my mac. I was turning of the AC every time we would record, in south Louisiana in the summer this is not a good idea, not sure if I should be concerned about the Duet or not. Is your Duet hot as well? Anyhow, getting accurate temp readings should help you when dealing with apogee. I just got my Duet last week and am having the same problems.

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The CPU fan ramps up to full speed, at which point any benefit that the Duet gives in sound quality is completely negated by the fact that i'm struggling to hear it over a very noisy fan. Does anyone from Apple actually read this?

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Install gedit using brew for mac. Because i've already contacted Apogee and they said it's a problem with the 13' Macbook/Logic/Leopard combination and that a LOT of people have reported this problem. They said to contact Apple but somehow I get the impression that this will not be resolved because it's just not a big enough problem for them. My duet is useless because of this, and i'd hate to return it because it does sound great but that's the way things are heading since it seems to be a problem that has been known for some time, yet every update that comes out fails to address it. All i can say to anyone who is looking is if you own a Macbook, DON'T get a Duet, unless you like the sound of your CPU fan a whole lot. I've found a bit of a band aid solution which does in fact work.

Snow Leopard Download For Windows

Step 1: Run the Uninstaller found in the latest Duet FireWire installer package.Does my software work with Snow Leopard? We have drivers for our FireWire/USB2 audio interfaces, go to the PACE driver download.Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Apogee Audio/MIDI-Interfaces. Snow Leopard-compatible software for Ensemble will be released next week (by Sept.4th), while Symphony software and drivers will be released the following week (by Sept. Please check the Apogee website for further announcements.

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