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Oct 16, 2012  The chairman of ACN's Legal Advisory Committee, Bob Stephan, who served as Attorney General of the state of Kansas for 16 years, acknowledged in an interview in a local Fox news investigative report that the majority of representatives probably do not make money, but defended ACN by declaring that it is simply.

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Anyone Make Money Online

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I started with ACN in December of 2013. In just a few days I will be celebrating my four year anniversary. ACN has been a complete blessing in my life.

Through the company I have been able to meet incredible people, travel, spend more time with my daughter, and make money. I see a lot of the reviews on here are coming from people who are pretty inexperienced so I wanted to share my journey. When I first started with ACN I was extremely skeptical. I had a decent paying corporate job and wasn't really looking to add anything to my life.

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I originally signed up just to make a few hundred dollars a month. I was hoping that I would be able to create some “fluff room” in between living paycheck to paycheck. As I began to work the business I fell in love with it.

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The environment was second to none. For the first time in my life I found myself getting out of my comfort zone.

I began public speaking and had access to mentors I never would have had in Corporate America. Within 5 months I replaced my income that I was making at my job and decided to pursue ACN full time. ACN hasn't been EASY for me, but it hasn't been hard either. When I think of hard work I think of manual labor. ACN requires personal growth and mental toughness. /when-updating-office-2011-for-mac/. There is money to be made, but understand you have to put in the work.

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There are people making 7 figures a year with the company. The biggest thing you have to realize is it's a 5-10 year game plan to live a life you never thought possible. 5-10 years of WORK not coasting. If you put your head down, listen to your mentors, be coachable and execute you will have success. If you quit everything you start. Well you probably won't succeed here.

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You get in what you put in. Custom laptop decals for mac. The company is legit. The products are phenomenal. The co-founders are genuine, hard working men with great character. ACN is a company that will grow to a multi-billion dollar a year global powerhouse. As technology changes they continue to adapt and add more services. The ownership is always acting in the best interest of the field.

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