Andmesh Siliconpower Armor A85m 2tb 2.5


Ultra Rugged Portable Storage Though cloud storage’s getting a lot of buzz, there’s really no simpler or faster way to transfer data from point A to B than a portable, external drive. For digital artists, video editors, and enthusiasts alike, portable hard drives and flash drives have become the most convenient way to backup or transfer data at a low cost. While portable storage has allowed us to easily backup or transfer our data, the increase in storage capacities also means we’re now travelling with a lot more of our previous data than ever before. Despite this, we’ve seen far too many folks with their life and soul on a single fragile portable drive. While many of us are the most careful people on the planet with all that data, all it takes is one bump on the table or an accidental slip of the fingers for our data to tragically disappear. How many times have you accidentally dropped your laptop bag? Well, apparently Silicon Power seems to know that portable hard drives go through a lot of wear and tear, which is why they recently sent us their Silicon Power Armor A30 USB 3.0 2TB portable hard drive for review. The Armor A30 rugged portable hard drive is part of Silicon Power’s Armor Series which is oriented towards travelers and enthusiasts who demand a drive that can survive in tough conditions.

In marketing the drive, Silicon Power goes so far as to claim that the drive meets U.S. Military MIL-STD 810G drop test standards. Let’s take a closer look! Transcend StoreJet 25M3 Specifications Manufacturer Silicon Power Model Armor A30 Capacity 500GB, 1TB, 2TB Interface USB 2.0, USB 3.0 Dimensions 87.5 x 134 x 18.6 mm Weight 181g Warranty 3 Years.

2tb 2.5 Hdd 7200rpm

A Closer Look at the Silicon Power Armor A30 2TB Here’s a look at the packaging for the Silicon Power Armor A30. For our review today, we have the 2TB edition of the drive, but it’s also available in 1TB and 500GB versions as well. Silicon Power offers two colors: black & white. There’s nothing fancy in the box besides a documentation booklet and the Armor A30 itself. Here’s a first look at the Armor A30. The drive is made of both durable plastic and a rubber coating to protect it from damage. Along the side of the unit, there are four rubber grooves to hold the USB 3.0 cable.

Andmesh Silicon Power Armor A85m 2tb 2.5 External Serial Monitor

Interestingly enough, the USB 3.0 cable has Standard-A to Standard-A USB 3.0 connectors. Here’s a look at the back of the unit. The USB 3.0 port is slightly hidden behind the cable. Here we have a full size USB 3.0 port for the Standard-A 3.0 connector. Wonder why Silicon Power didn’t just use the more typical Micro-B connector on the drive. Here’s a look at the inside of the Silicon Power Armor A30. This unit has a soft rubber housing enclosing all four corners of the drive as well as the PCB. Internally, Silicon Power is using a Samsung Spinpoint M9T hard drive which is actually manufactured by Seagate.

Silicon Power 1TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A30, Shockproof USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4, Black Transcend TS4TSJ25H3B StoreJet External Hard Drive 4TB 2.5' ADATA 1TB Durable HD710A Pro USB3.1 Portable Hard Drive for Apple Mac (White). The HD710A, launched just a few short weeks ago, is the latest in the line-up of durable storage solutions from ADATA. This portable hard drive features Time Machine support for all OS X platforms. Legit Bottom Line: If you’re a Mac user and need a rugged portable USB 3.0 drive that can survive abuse from physical shock, dust, and water, the ADATA HD710A should meet your needs nicely. The ADATA HD710A external hard drive (Model AHD710A-2TU3-CWH) is a great companion for active and on-the-go Mac and Time Machine users, as well as frequent business travelers seeking serious protection for their portable data needs. ADATA HD710A Waterproof / Dustproof / Shock-Resistant USB 3.0 External HDD Specifications & Features: Designed for Mac – supports Time Machine Passes the strictest IP68 test for excellent. Adata hd710a usb 3.0 rugged portable hdd for mac.

How To Reformat Silicon Power Armor

Driver Buy Silicon Power 2TB Armor A85M IP68 Waterproof and Shockproof Portable Hard Drive for Mac USB 3.0 Model SP020TBPHD85MS3S Silver with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.

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