And They Said Gaming Is Not For Mac


Any game for mac. I tried the retunr to castle wolfenstein test in os x and it sucks!!!! I have a dual G4/450 and 10.1 with 896mb ram and frame rate is horrible. In 10*7 when moving the mouse in the menues and select what server to play on etc the mouse is jerky. Home design software free download full version for mac. In 64*48 it is better. Possibly cus the cpu is so slow, but i don't know. It seems the mac isn't really for gameing from what i can tell as the mac needs faster cpu speed. I mean a 450 aint gonna cut it on most games in 10*7 like UT and Quake 3 etc.

Mac OS X is not a great gaming operating system for gaming because of compatibility, but if you have Windows XP/Vista you can install Boot Camp for free and then install Windows. They're everywhere now—and that means we should make them the best gaming machines they can possibly be. Maybe you prefer OS X for day-to-day computing and have a dedicated PC for gaming. For years, Mac gaming has been almost an oxymoron - not really worth considering if your love of games extends beyond Football Manager. But things are changing. Big games are coming to Mac quicker.

Those games don't play nearly as good as on a P3/500. The P3/500 with 256mb ram just blows away the mac at 450mhz for the game. Elegant microsoft word resume template for mac.

I have no idea why. I only know to get awesome smoothness on the mac you gotta have a high end G4 i think. Dev's say that osX is good for gaming because of the reported ease of porting.

A game that is designed for pc can in some cases (many) be significantly easier to port to osX than to os9. The stability of osX is great for games too. I've never played a game that never crashed once or twice, often many times. X gets around this with a quick restart of the program, NOT the pc. As far as mouse control, I agree it is dodgy, there is frequently unusual behavour from the mouse, no matter the model or make In quake 3 there are some settings you can enter into the console that minimise this, and with those settings I still get 35 to 40% railgun accuracy and 46 yto 52% rocket.

In games that don't have these options (like the original quake ported by the fruits of dojo), it can be a nightmare to control. OSX seems to have auto 'mouse filtering' or tracking or something which stuffs things up in *some* games. But this is a minor fix im sure of it, certainly not a reason to write off osX as a gaming platform all together There are more to games than just FPS. Take a look at the SIMS. That game and its variants are STILL in the top 20 games world wide. I don't know y, but most games I've got at home run at a much better speed under MacOS X (10.0.4) than they do under MacOS 9. Especially McGee's Alice, which made me a lot of problems under OS 9 now runs perfectly under OS X (under OS 9, many textures did not load, and the game crashed often while loading).

Mouse control also works good. I've also tried to play Unreal Tournament in the Classic environment, and it worked too (well, ok, it was little bit slower than under 'real OS 9' because sometimes the dock appeared while playing. I tried to shoot it away, but it didn't work ). Haven't done much testing with games in 10.1 because for some reason the latest update to Quake III doesn't want to run (not that I'm huge on QIII; more of an original Quake cat. It seems that most games that are X-native run a bit slower than their classic counterparts. But there's a great open source, OpenGL application that allows you to run Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom with full control over the game (way more options, etc.; like playin' it on Windows).

It runs damn well! I haven't tried yet but I'm wondering if Wolfenstein will work with it. Anyway, games in classic run really well now in 10.1 The other day my friend was playing Tomb Raider 4 hear while we listened to mp3's and there wasn't any slow down (G4/400, 512 ram, stock video card, etc). I just wish I knew how to get ShrinkWrap disk images to work in 10.1. You guys are overlooking one key factor that causes poor performance in a 3D intensive game.Video. I noticed one of you guys was trying to run Quake3 on a iMac. The iMac you listed has a 8mb video card.I can promise you this is the cause of system lag.

It just can't keep up, nor will the 16mb card in the newer iMacs. When it comes to video cards and gaming, Apple has only 2 offerings that will yield good gaming results. The Radeon and Geforce lines. I'd be interested to hear from someone who has a G4 with the GeForce2 or they'll have a great gaming experience. I have a Quicksilver G4 867Mhz with a GeForce3 and QIII runs better under OS X then it does under 9. Indeed even the guy from id who did the porting recommends OS X.1 for the best Mac Q3 experience. I get around 90 FPS in 1067 x something resolution.

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