An Awesome Delivery Status Widget For Mac


Delivery Status is the widget you’re looking. The countdown dashboard widget for Mac is a fun way to obsessively keep track of the exact seconds until the. Delivery Status Widget July 22, 2008 December 10, 2015 Collin Allen I don’t use the Dashboard in Mac OS X as much as I expected to when it was first released, but when I do, one of the few widgets I employ is Delivery Status, which keeps track of packages during shipment. Dell 2007fpb drivers for mac.

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  1. An Awesome Delivery Status Widget For Macbook
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There are various websites that offer you the possibility to track the status of your order online, but manually checking their condition can prove to be time consuming. Quickly integrate Delivery Status into your Dashboard Delivery Status is a small macOS Dashboard widget that can help you track all your orders and displays notifications whenever the status of your package changes. The Delivery Status installation process places the widget on your Dashboard and you must launch it to access its capabilities. Once you add new deliveries to your list, the widget will start monitoring and deliver alerts via Growl or through the Notification Center. Supports a large collection of online services Note that to be able to track a certain order, the delivery service must be supported by the Delivery Status widget. The good news is that the widget works with a large number of services: Adobe.

Com, Amazon (various domains),, Canada Post, DHL, FedEX, Google Checkout, Royal Mail, and many others. To be able to set up a delivery tracker, you must first specify the service that issued the tracking number via a simple drop down menu.

An Awesome Delivery Status Widget For Macbook

The next step is to provide the order number, and your account credentials if required. Unsophisticated yet highly effective solution for tracking the status of your deliveries The Delivery Status Dashboard widget is designed to work in the background and requires your attention only when it displays alerts about the status of your package.

Delivery Status Notification

This way, the time spent verifying your order is greatly reduced. Noteworthy is that Delivery Status provides support only for certain delivery services, although the list is quite large. In addition, Delivery Status allows you to add a custom name for each entry: this way you can quickly recognize your orders.

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