Altec Lansing Ada 305 Driver For Mac


Anonymous: The only way I've found to control ADA-305 speakers from windows xp is to use VMWare () and install Windows 98 inside that, and then direct the USB to the virtual machine but as soon as you close it, the speakers go back to default settings ALTEC LANSING SUCKS. Anonymous: Hi, I've been using my ADA 305's with XP for a while and JUST stumbled upon a way to engage the Pro-logic features. My speakers were defaulted to the normal stereo sound (yellow light on).BUT, if you hold down the center channel button ('Center') for 3-seconds, it switches back to 'Pro Logic' mode (Green Light), and you're able to toggle the Center and Surround channels.

Of course the AMS software doesn't work, but everything sounds better now.Hope it works for you! Anonymous: ADA305 does not require a driver in Win2000 or XP.

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Windows Media Player or an add-in manages the surround sound. With no problems at all. The ADA305 operates in either Stereo or Pro Logic mode. In Stereo mode, only the front-firing drivers emit sound. The volume control controls the master volume, unless you press the left button labeled Subwoofer.


When activated, the volume control then controls the subwoofer volume, handy when you need to cut back or cut loose on the bass kick. One way of switching to Pro Logic mode is to hold down the center button labeled center. Once activated, all drivers emit sound. When the Center function is activated, the volume of the center channel processing can be controlled. The button on the right labeled Surround allows you to adjust the surround processing. This allows you to fine tune the surround sound processing, even on sources that are not encoded in Dolby Pro Logic. What the software allows you to do is put the speakers in Stereo or Pro Logic mode, and adjust the individual volume controls for all channels.

This can be saved in presets, and a few sample presets are also provided. Aside from that, the software does not buy you anything else. Note that when the USB cable is connected, you cannot manually switch between Stereo and Pro Logic mode using the button on the speaker.

Yay meme generator for mac. You can still manually adjust any of the volume controls, and a pop-up window appears momentarily to show the current setting. My ada-305 speakers only distort audio when using CD/DVD drives I was searching for Windows XP drivers for these speakers, when I found your forum threads. I bought a new Gateway PC running Windows XP and wanted to use my old speakers. Now that I know that there aren't any compatible drivers, I disconnected the USB cable, as suggested. I can manually adjust the speakers fine. The problem I'm having is that the audio is distorted + pops and clickx ONLY when I play CD's in the CD or DVD drives.

Sound is fine when playing music stored on the harddrive or streaming on the internet. Can anyone advise me?? I hate to have to give up these speakers.

Installation of the ADA305 did not go as smooth as I had hoped. Installing the actual hardware was not a problem; it shouldn't be. The problem was USB. Artcam for mac.

One of the goals of USB is to provide increased 'plug and playability' and eliminate incompatibility problems. I had nothing but problems with the USB aspect of these speakers. Another thing you should make note of is that the Subwoofer is NOT magnetically shielded, so do not place it near your monitor. (Mine is under my desk) Problem 1: ' Subwoofer isn't making any sound' The first thing I did after I installed the ADA 305 speakers is load up Unreal (In my opinion, Unreal has the best sound track of any game out (well, most fitting to say the least) To my dismay I did not hear any of the bass I had been accustomed to, and the intro sound sounded as if an orchestra without Violas, Cellos, or Basses, or bass drums was playing.

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