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Radar In Motion is a Dashboard widget that grabs radar images from the Weather Channel or NOAA and displays the animation. One can access the radar for a given city in the United States or get a regional map, including several international maps. 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar For PC (Windows & MAC) October 31, 2017 By Pixie Leave a Comment 1Weather is an application thanks to which we can know the weather at any time, just look at the screen of our Android terminal.

Description *** AeroWeather: for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and everyone who is serious about the weather! *** Current and precise weather conditions (METAR) and forecasts (TAF). AeroWeather Pro provides quick and intuitive access to METAR and TAF for airports worldwide. Data can be shown in its original (raw) format or as fully decoded and easy understandable texts. AeroWeather Pro is helpful for weather preflight-briefings, but also to just get very precise weather.

All weather data is cached for offline access. There are many settings for units and format of METAR/TAF available. In addition to weather data, AeroWeather Pro integrates also airport NOTAMs (provided by US FAA), webcam images around airports (provided by, and US ATC delay information (provided by US FAA). The app features a built-in airport database, which includes basic airport data like runways, sunrise/sunset, twilight times, timezones etc.

Hl dt st dvdram gsa 4167b drivers for mac. This is another main important feature for me since I will not ever use Microsoft's OS's ever again. Not only is the storage capacity fantastic, this thing works beautifully out-of-the-box on Linux.

AeroWeather Pro offers built-in groups for earthquakes, ATC delays (US only), nearby stations, today widget, and Apple Watch which can be individually enabled on the top level view. Besides creating user groups it’s also possible to put stations on the same level user groups. Depending on your needs, groups can be shown or hidden in the main list view.

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User groups can now be synchronized via Cloud Kit*. METAR alert notifications** is another new and helpful feature to stay up-to-date.

Define multiple alerts for each station with the following criteria: flight rule (US NOAA), wind speed, temperature, pressure, present weather, visibility, and ceiling (BKN and OVC). Notifications will be sent to your device if the criteria is met (e.g., when wind is greater/equal 10 kts, flight rule becomes IFR). Dedicated METAR/TAF** access is optionally available. METAR/TAF data comes primarily from certified ANSP (air navigation service provider) MeteoSwiss and is provided reliably and fast from our dedicated, redundant servers (indicated by blue checkmark underneath METAR/TAF).

The AeroPix feature offers users the possibility to take quickly picture(s) of the weather at their current location. The pictures will be available to all other pilots (on the map or within an airport detail view) helping them to get a better idea about local conditions. AeroPix should be especially helpful when there's no or insufficient webcam coverage. AeroWeather Pro comes with an Apple Watch app, which shows either a list of stations as defined in the Apple Watch group or all nearby stations based on the current location. METAR, TAF, and webcam images (if available and enabled in the Watch App settings on the iPhone) are displayed for each station. In addition, you can put AeroWeather as a complication in your watch face to stay up-to-date.

There's also an iMessage app included which lets you easily send METAR/TAF of any airport to other users. Please consult our web-site for a full description of all features. * Additional functionality which needs to be unlocked (one-time purchase). These purchases are not transferable between Lite, Pro, and Mac. ** From this release on additional features which generate recurring operation costs for us will be offered within a subscription. There's only one subscription type which simply varies in time periods (1 month, 2 months, 12 months).

The subscription is valid in both AeroWeather Lite and Pro. For example, you can also use the subscription features in the Pro version even if you purchased the subscription in the Lite version (and vice versa). Cross app subscription support is only available if iCloud (with the same Apple ID) is enabled. Previously purchased unlock features are not affected and will work with or without subscription. The following features are enabled while a subscription is active: - Dedicated METAR/TAF data source - Alert notifications When using AeroWeather Lite also the following features are enabled: - Remove ad banner - Widget.

Added dedicated METAR/TAF data source option (as in-app purchase; valid in Lite and Pro). Due to occasional service issues with public data services we offer now access to METAR/TAF from a certified ANSP through dedicated and redundant servers. - Added satellite background maps and re-arranged wind indicator in runway diagram - Watch: added support for new complications on Series 4 - Watch: improved speed of data loading when switching between list and nearby view - Fixed issue for Canadian NOTAMs (when preferred format option was set to 'ICAO') - Bug fixing (e.g., data loading) - Support for new devices (iPhone and Watch) - Notifications are grouped by airport on iOS 12 - Update to latest world magnetic variation model (WMM2015v2) - Database update (2018-10-14) If you are happy with the app, please rate it, or even leave a review. This is a great way to support us small developers. • 2.4.2 Aug 12, 2018. Added option to assign a predefined flag (like departure or alternate) to stations (per group) for better usability (req. IOS 11 or higher).

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