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• • Photo: James Dyson Award/O2 Pursuit If you haven’t already accepted that are the real deal, then you probably should come around. In many cases, they perform just as well as their fuel-burning brethren, and, depending on from where you get the electricity, they run cleanly. Now, they’re getting even cleaner with the introduction of the air-powered bike. The O2 Pursuit, a project from an engineering school graduate in Australia, runs off compressed air stored in an on-board tank. Trine enchanted edition walkthrough. ’s project began with a, around which he built a dirt bike. He started with a Yamaha WR250R frame, and added a scuba-diving tank and a 25-pound engine to power the rear wheel. Squeeze the throttle and air is released to accelerate the bike.

And its stats are impressive. The O2 Pursuit gets 62 miles of travel on a full tank, and can hit a top speed of 87 mph.


Microsoft Ppt For Mac

Air beats electric both for convenience and environmental kindness. There’s no battery to dispose of when the cells eventually break down, filling up with air takes two minutes rather than hours required for charging, and it can be stored in an inert state forever. And while the air-powered car is little more than a four-wheeled scam we’ve been hearing about for decades, the low weight of a bike is perfectly suited for the application. “When the air comes out, it’s in the same state as when you compressed it,” Benstead said. “You haven’t technically used anything.”.

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Air Driven Engine Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project Report Dec 5, 2011 By Ram in Mechanical Projects, Mechanical Seminar Topics 17 Comments This Air Driven Engine project introduces the Air Driven Engine which is an engine that monitors with compressed air. PowerPoint Presentation: The basic two stroke petrol engine is converted into an air driven engine with slight modifications, and it is provided with solenoid valve, Valve activation system including valve timing disc and The engine is cranked by the kicker. Seminar Topics or Seminar Reports with PPT or Presentation Slides on Air Powered Cars by Mechanical Engineering Students The Air Driven Engine is an eco-friendly engine which operates with compressed air. An Air Driven Engine uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of an engine An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air.

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