Aiptek Dzo V50 Driver For Mac

  1. Aiptek Dzo V50 Driver

Free fortran compiler for mac os x. Storage Capacity Memory Video (min.) Audio (min.) VGA QVGA Maximum SD/MMC card (128MB) 7 40 85 SD/MMC card (256MB) 20 85 175 SD/MMC card (512MB) 40 175 350 SD/MMC card (1GB) 80 350 720 Memory Still picture 6M 3M 1M SD/MMC card (128MB) 150 300 770 SD/MMC card (256MB) 300 620 1540 SD/MMC card (512MB) 600 1230 3080 SD/MMC card (1GB) 1200 2500 6160 Note: The actual value of capacity may vary (up to ± 30%) depending on the color saturation and complexity of your subject and surroundings. Battery Life Indicator Icon Description Full battery life Moderate battery life Low battery life Empty battery life Note: To avoid sudden outage of power supply, you are recommended to replace the battery when the icon indicates low battery life. Copying files to Your PC Installing the driver to your PC You need to install the camcorder driver to ensure that video clips can be played back on your PC.

Aiptek Dzo V50 Driver For Mac

To install the software: 1. Insert the driver CD. Turn on your computer. Then place the accessory CD into the CD-ROMdrive. Do not connect the camcorder to your computer at this stage. Shut down all other applications running on your computer. If the autorun screen does not appear automatically, double-clickon My Computer and then the CD-ROMdrive.

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Then start the Setup.exe program manually. Start the installation. Click on the icon to launch the installation of the driver. Notice for Windows 2000 users: During the installation process, a warning message regarding digital signature may appear twice or more. Please click on Yes to continue the process.

The software is fully compatible with Windows 2000 operation system. Install the driver. The Install Shield Wizard will then appear and automatically install the program. Click on Next and follow the on-screeninstructions to complete the installation. Copying files to Your PC (continued) 4. Install codecs. After the driver installation is completed, the program will prompt you to install Windows Media Player Codecs.

If you are not sure whether the codecs have been installed in your computer, please click on Yes and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Install Direct X 9.0c or above. After the codecs installation is completed, you will be prompted to install Direct X 9.0c or above if the program is not yet installed in your computer. Please click on Yes to continue. Windows Media Player Codecs and Direct X 9.0c or above are necessary for viewing the video clips recorded by the camcorder. Restart the computer.

Aiptek Dzo V50 Driver

After the installation is completed, you may need to restart your computer for the driver to take effect. Connecting the camcorder to your PC 1. Turn on the camcorder. Connect the USB cable to your computer. Turn on your computer, and then connect the accessory USB cable to the USB port of your computer.

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