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Installing dispatcher for AEM in Apache Web-server in Linux may get little tricky, as documentation provided by Adobe on in Linux is not sufficient, and if we take it in analogy and try doing same way we do in Windows, then we face some issues locating the appropriate files. Prerequisites for Dispatcher Setup • Apache 2.2 web-server – In Ubuntu 12.0 and higher, Apache 2.2 web-server is pre-installed, but in case it is not there, you can find the installation instructions. • Dispatcher Module – Appropriate dispatcher module can be downloaded from. Installation Instructions • Considering Apache web-server is already setup in system, go ahead and extract dispatcher module using following command. Tar - xvzf • Once you have extracted the files, now you have to move the appropriate files to their respective apt path. • Move “” to “/usr/lib/apache2/modules”.

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There you will find all the modules already being loaded by apache 2 webserver. • Adobe recommends to give a soft name to your dispatcher module, but you don’t need it as once setup is done, you will be hardly using it again. • Now go ahead and create a folder conf under “/etc/apache2/”, and move “dispatcher.any” file under this folder. Make sure that you don’t move your dispatcher.any file to ‘conf.d’ folder which is already present. • Now is the time to edit and map module file that you added and map the dispatcher.any file. Mac cosmetics coupons. Go ahead and edit apache2.conf file present under “etc/apache2/”.

• Scroll to the end, put some nice comments about you adding some new configs, and add following. LoadModule dispatcher_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ # location of the configuration file. Eg: 'conf/dispatcher.any' DispatcherConfig conf/dispatcher.any # location of the dispatcher log file. Eg: 'logs/dispatcher.log' DispatcherLog /var/log/apache2/dispatcher.log # log level for the dispatcher log # 0 Errors # 1 Warnings # 2 Infos # 3 Debug DispatcherLogLevel 3 # if turned to 1, the dispatcher looks like a normal module DispatcherNoServerHeader 0 # if turned to 1, request to / are not handled by the dispatcher # use the mod_alias then for the correct mapping DispatcherDeclineRoot 0 # if turned to 1, the dispatcher uses the URL already processed # by handlers preceeding the dispatcher (i.e.

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In this tutorial i am going to take you through how to set up dispatcher in AEM. Setting up a dispatcher and configuring it, is generally a job of system administrator. Learn how to set up dispatcher in AEM to perform Caching, Load Balancing and filter incoming request from client to AEM publish instances. I am going to use Apache web server 2.2 version as dispatcher is not supported for windows Apache web server 2.4 and above. Disp_apache2.2.dll – This is my dispatcher module file. Apache 2.2.x with the dispatcher module configured Local port 4503 forwarded to guest machine port 4503 (CQ publish) Local port 8080 forwarded to guest machine port 80 (dispatcher).

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