Adv. 2d Art Final


Establishing shot the Night at a museum • 2. A figure comes into the shot. The scheming thief. Con Man is pulling out something • 5. (THIS SHOULD ACTUALLY BE NUMBER EIGHT, SORRY) He looks up to the top of the building • 7. The blueprint to get to the CRYSTAL SKULL.

Map transitions to the back of the museum. Con Man pulls out a GRAPPLING GUN. He shoots the gun • 11.

COURSE DESCRIPTION Explores in-depth techniques for creating quality 2D animation. Students create their own characters, storyboards and final animation of a short piece utilizing Toon Boom Studio software. Reformat wd hard drive for mac. Art Production - Producing: Students will be able to actively explore how skill/craftsmanship & complexity/creativity play a role in the creation and interpretation of art by applying these ideologies to various small-scale 2D projects. Posts about Adv. 2D written by Calllie Do. So when you see “Storyboards: Con Man”, click on the title, and scroll down to comment. In 2-D art, texture is an illusion of surface (surface feeling) created with repetitions on a 2-D surface. Clean application of media when creating texture.

The hook flies down into the garbage. He picks up the line. He looks at the open vent.

He tries to go in • 15. But lands in the dumpster. • 16 – cue evil dead joke – • 17. Inside the Museum a security officer sleeps in his lobby desk.

He wakes up to hear noises. He thinks • 20. Then went back to sleep. Conman crawls through the vents.

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He accidentally opened a bottom vent. Security gal stands around in a room. Conman pops out.

Security gal turns around. Con Man tries to get back up. Con Man gets caught. Security gal is surprised. -cue scream- • 29.

-cue scream- • 30. Security gal runs. Con Man gets up.

She runs to the alarm. She pushed the alarm. Con Man hears the alarm. He crawls faster. He slips down the vent. Slipping down.

Next scene – the Crystal skull. -slipping noise fades in- • 39. Con Man falls off from the vent. Con Man crashes. Con Man jolts up.

Adv 2d art final exam study guide

He turns around to see if anyone’s around. He tries to grab it. The light turns on. Security gal finds Con Man, huffing and puffing from running.

Con Man is standing behind the crystal skull gift stack. /hp-3015-fax-drivers-for-mac/. HE GRABS THEM ALL.

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