Adesso Bluetooth Slimtouch Mini Touchpad Wireless Keyboard For Mac


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Adesso Bluetooth Slim Touch Mini Touchpad Wireless Keyboard For Mac

Adesso bluetooth slim touch mini touchpad wireless keyboard for mac

Share this story • • • Contrary to the popular beliefs of pinhead conspiracy theorists, the world is not controlled by Masons, Jews, Extraterrestrials, or Karl Rove. It is, in fact, controlled by accountants. One need look no further than the keypad of the desktop keyboard for evidence of that nearly invisible, yet absolute, control. Have you ever seen anyone not wearing one of those green visors using a numeric keypad? Considering the ever present danger of lateral epicondylitis when making the long reach for the mouse, what other plausible theory is there for the keypad than a certified public one?

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Since accountants apparently don't use laptops, I found refuge in portable computing and keyboards with integrated pointing devices until recently. Having purchased a 20” iMac and tossed the Mighty Mouse in the trash on principle, I began my search for a new keyboard and mouse. Now that I had a desktop, I could have anything I wanted, and what I wanted was: • Laptop Keyboard • Wireless • Integrated Pointing Device (with two damn buttons) • Designed for the Mac • Unlimited Male Orgasms The last was added because you will likely have more luck finding some means of perpetual erotic pleasure than everything else in the list designed for the Mac.

Adesso Wireless and Bluetooth Keyboards. Adesso is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic keyboards, mice, touchpads, tablest and Mac solutions. They are committed to providing high quality input devices & I/O accessories at the most competitive quality, performance and price.

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