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1Features • Be online with a push of a button and browse your favorite Web pages. • Full-sized extended USB Macintosh® keyboard • HID 1.2 compliant with USB Macintosh® computers • Includes 2 bus powered USB ports • Molded wrist support for extra comfort • LEDs for Caps, Num and Scroll Lock • Extra large space bar, return and delete keys • Built-in power switch for older USB Macs • High-quality membrane key switches for longer life • 123 keys including separate numeric and cursor keypads Package Contents • One (1) AKB-805MAC keyboard • One (1) CDROM MediaKey Driver Disk • One (1) Users Manual.

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Canon Drivers For Mac

Adesso Akb805mac Drivers For Mac

Adesso is a pioneer in manufacturing computer input peripherals, including Data Input Devices, Handwriting Input Devices, and iPad/PC Tablet Accessories. We are becoming the leading computer input specialist supplier for industries such as Education, Government, Health Care, P.O.S., Banking, and PCs and Tablets. More than wondershare mepub for mac os x.

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