Adata Hd710a Usb 3.0 Rugged Portable Hdd For Mac


Final Thoughts & Conclusions While the ADATA HD710A is marketed towards Mac users, it really can be used on a Mac or Windows platform. It just needs to be formatted accordingly.

ADATA HD710A Waterproof / Dustproof / Shock-Resistant USB 3.0 External HDD Specifications & Features: Designed for Mac – supports Time Machine Passes the strictest IP68 test for excellent. Large Storage, Like Having a Second Hard Drive for Mac The HD710A Pro provides up to 2TB of storage capacity and is compatible with Apple Time Machine making it the most sufficient drive for Mac users processing JPEG image files, animated GIF, or program files. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ADATA HD710A 2TB USB 3.0 Waterproof/Dustproof/ Shock-Resistant Exlusive for Mac External Hard Drive. Silicon Power 2TB Slim & Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A75, Shockproof USB. By Silicon Power.

Bcs preliminary mcq exam test apk for macbook As such, other than the color scheme and the packaging, the HD710A isn’t really any different from the HD710. Autodesk inventor fusion. While we haven’t tested the latter, we expect that we’d find the same performance numbers and looking at some of the results from tests run by other sites, it appears our supposition is correct.


Overall performance is as we would expect from a HDD, regardless of the bandwidth of the interface – USB 3.0 in this case. Reads and writes made it just over the century mark which is indicative of a 5400RPM HDD. We didn’t crack open the drive to check since it’s permanently encased in silicone but a little research shows it is indeed a 5400RPM HDD. Having the USB 3.0 interface definitely prevents a bottleneck but leaves tons unused bandwidth. An enclosed SSD would definitely speed things up but would also jack up the price and reduce available capacity so there are trade-offs. One thing that was disappointing on the HD710A model is that the free software HDDtoGO and OStoGo that for use with the drive is only available for Windows.

As such, Mac users miss out on this perk which does add a fair bit of functionality. Of course, the drive could be used on a Windows machine which would make these usable but since this is specifically marketed to Mac users, the majority of buyers will be on Mac OS. Without the software, the drive is simply a repository for your files without any extra functionality that the software would provide. However, it does support Time Machine so makes a good target for backups and that is a big function for which many buyers will be utilizing the external storage. While we didn’t go so far as to submerge the drive in water to test its watertight properties, we did spend some time fiddling with the USB port cover that never really inspires confidence that it’s seated properly. Per ADATA, this needs to be in place for the drive to remain waterproof and dustproof.

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