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Creating Accountants Copy of QuickBooks® posted on May 2, 2013 by Lynette Benton QuickBooks® has a built in feature that allows you to create a copy of QuickBooks® that you can give to your Accountant called, aptly enough, the Accountants Copy. QB Pro for Mac (and I assume any other Mac versions) do not have an Accountant's Copy function. Its expected that the user print reports for their accountant and the accountant then gives them a list of AJEs to make. Nvidia now for mac. Accountant's copy overview Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks Desktop allows accountants and clients to work on a company file at the same time. Have a review of what you can and cannot do in an Accountant's Copy to maximize the functionality of this feature and prevent any situation that will make you lose important data.

QuickBooks® has a built in feature that allows you to create a copy of QuickBooks® that you can give to your Accountant called, aptly enough, the Accountants Copy. You send the Accountants Copy to your accountant so that they can work on it making journal entries and end-of-year changes. Meanwhile you can continue to use your company file to do your daily business. It works by creating what is called a dividing date. When you create the Accountants copy, you will select a date, which gives your accountant access to anything before that date, and you can work on anything after that date. Think of it as the accountant is working on the past, and you are working on today and the future. When your accountant is finished making changes they will send the copy back to you.

Accountants Copy Failed In Quickbooks

At that point you will import the copy back into your company file. You will have the option to review and acccept changes that the accountant made. We will cover this in a second post – part 2, that will be posted soon. Creating the Accountants Copy There are 2 options for creating the file, and they depend on the size of your company file.

Accountant Copy Failed

For smaller company files you can send the file via email or if you want to put the file on a thumb drive to hand deliver to your accountant you can choose option 1. It will create a file on your computer that you can attach to an email or add to a removable drive to give to your accountant. If you want to email the file, but it is a very large file, one that has years and years of data, you may need to select option 2. Option 2 uses the The Accountant’s Copy File Transfer Service from QuickBooks®. Dell inspiron 1558. With this service the file is uploaded to the Intuit file servers online. Vlc download for mac.

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