Accelrys Announces Macvector For Mac


Main Headquarters. US / Canada and Australia/New Zealand. Dkc c200x drivers for mac. Europe, Africa, Middle East and India Sales and Support. MacVector, Inc. MacVector, Inc. With MacVector Free, users can open or download sequences in most sequence formats, edit them, print, copy sequences, modify text and graphics for publication ready figures, and save in any supported format.

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Contents • • • • • Features [ ] MacVector is a collection of sequence analysis algorithms linked to various sequence editors, including a single sequence editor, a editor and a contig editor. MacVector tries to use a minimum of windows and steps to access all the functionality.

Functions include: • (, and ) and editing. • Subsequence search and (ORFs) analysis. • construction, with bootstrapping and consensus trees • Online Database searching - Search public databases at the NCBI such as,,. • Perform online searches. • Protein analysis. • Contig assembly and editing • Aligning against genomic templates • Creating of DNA to DNA, Protein to Protein and DNA to protein. • Restriction analysis - find and view restriction cut sites.

Uses digested fragments to clone genes into vectors. Stores a history of digested fragments allowing multi fragment ligations. • Primer design - easy primer design and testing. Also uses • simulation.

MacVector has a contig assembly plugin called that uses,,, SPAdes,. As of version 13.0.1 MacVector uses for updating between releases. History [ ] MacVector was originally developed by IBI in 1994. It was acquired by Kodak, and subsequently Oxford Molecular in 1996. Oxford Molecular was merged into Accelrys in 2001. It was acquired by MacVector, Inc on 1 January 2007. References [ ].

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