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Extended data is limited to 16K per entity. Because the xdata of an entity can be created and maintained by multiple applications, problems can result when the size of the xdata approaches its limit. The following functions can be used to help manage the memory that xdata occupies. • xdsize - Returns the amount of memory (in bytes) that the xdata in a list occupies.

  1. Autocad Selection Filter

Lenovo 5311 8bq drivers for mac. About Logical Grouping of Selection Filter Tests (AutoLISP) You can define test groups with nested Boolean expressions to filter objects from a selection set created with ssget. The following table lists the grouping operators that you can use to filter selection sets. Because DCL list boxes cannot be scrolled horizontally, the width of the list box should accommodate the longest item in the list. Provide a label (or a text tile) to explain the contents of the list box, unless the list box is the main tile in the dialog box. About Relational Tests in Filter Lists for Selection Sets (AutoLISP) Unless otherwise specified, an equivalency is implied for each item in the filter-list. For numeric group codes (integers, reals, points, and vectors), you can specify other relations by including a special -4 group code that specifies a relational operator.

• xdroom - Returns the remaining number of free bytes that can still be appended to the entity. The xdsize function can be slow when reading a large extended data list, so it is not recommended that you call it frequently. A better approach is to use it (in conjunction with xdroom) in an error handler. If a call to entmod fails, you can use xdsize and xdroom to find out whether the call failed because the entity did not have enough room for the xdata. Free lg on screen phone download for mac.

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An entity filter list is an association list that uses DXF group codes in the same format as a list returned by entget. Beamer 2.0 for mac. (See the DXF Reference for a list of group codes.) The ssget function recognizes all group codes except entity names (group -1), handles (group 5), and xdata codes (groups greater than 1000). If an invalid group code is used in a filter-list, it is ignored by ssget. To search for objects with xdata, use the -3 code as described in About Filtering for Extended Data (AutoLISP). When a filter-list is provided as the last argument to ssget, the function scans the selected objects and creates a selection set containing the names of all main entities matching the specified criteria.

For example, you can obtain a selection set that includes all objects of a given type, on a given layer, or of a given color. The filter-list specifies which property (or properties) of the entities are to be checked and which values constitute a match. The following examples demonstrate methods of using a filter-list with various object selection options. SSGET examples using filter lists Function call Effect (setq ss1 (ssget '((0. 'TEXT'))) ) Prompts for general object selection but adds only text objects to the selection set.

(setq ss1 (ssget 'P' '((0. 'LINE'))) ) Creates a selection set containing all line objects from the last selection set created. (setq ss1 (ssget 'W' pt1 pt2 '((8. 'FLOOR9'))) ) Creates a selection set of all objects inside the window that are also on layer FLOOR9. (setq ss1 (ssget 'X' '((0. 'CIRCLE'))) ) Creates a selection set of all objects in the database that are Circle objects. (ssget 'I' '((0.


Autocad Selection Filter

5))) Creates a selection set of all blue Line objects that are part of the Implied selection set (those objects selected while PICKFIRST is in effect). Note that this filter picks up lines that have been assigned color 5 (blue), but not blue lines that have had their color applied by the ByLayer or ByBlock properties. If both the code and the desired value are known, the list may be quoted as shown previously. If either is specified by a variable, the list must be constructed using the list and cons function. For example, the following code creates a selection set of all objects in the database that are on layer FLOOR3. (ssget 'X' (list (cons 0 'CIRCLE')(cons 8 lay_name)(cons 62 3))) This code selects only Circle objects on layer FLOOR3 that are colored green. This type of test performs a Boolean “AND” operation.

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