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Power Switch Press (or rather click) this single button in the Dashboard to make something happen on your Mac. What that something is depends on what happens when you click the “i” to configure the widget.

You can put the Mac to sleep, log out, restart, or shut down, all after that single click. You can fine-tune these actions. For example, you can place check marks that will close all Finder windows, empty the trash, eject network volumes, and secure the system.

Each Photo widget allows to view one or more photos from the photo library of your device. This is the quickest access to the favorite photos of your beloved family and friends. Add from 1 to 6 photos in each widget, in order to maximize the available space. Baixar online de quickbooks pro 2014 for mac When Apple first added widget support to the iPhone and iPad, Apple fans had mixed feelings. Many Apple users had been waiting for widget support for years, and they had hoped to see home screen. The application contains some free widgets like the Note widget allowing you to quickly view and edit some text notes and reminders and the Decision widget allowing you to randomly choose one item among several choices. Each other widget type can be tried and can be unlocked separately.

You can have the computer announce all these actions out loud too. Starry Night Widget Want to know what you’re looking at in the evening sky?

This interactive planetarium widget can reveal the answers. Click the “i” and then the Time/Place tab to enter your current whereabouts or some other location. If you place a check mark in the Now box (assuming that it’s not already checked), you’ll be able to identify the galactic objects in the immediate sky. But you can also enter another date or hour — well into the future or deep in the past — to see how space appeared or will appear at that time.

You can also display star and planet labels, and constellations.

If you don't own a Mac, you can stop reading. You can't use what I'm about to describe. OK, now that all the PC folks are gone, us Mac lovers can chat a bit. I found a great little trick today on the. The trick was written for use in, but it will work as a widget just about anywhere, including the sidebar here on ActiveRain. If you look at the sidebar on the right you're going to see a photo widget named ' ActiveRain Photos.' Does it look familiar?

Photo Widget For Windows 10

If you've ever embedded an i into an page it will. This is the Web Gallery widget they use as icons for the galleries you place.

A Photo Widget For Machine

The cool thing about is that when you add or delete a photo to them in it adds or removes it from your gallery online when you tell it to. It's basically an RSS Feed.

So, now I've got an ActiveRain Photos Widget that I can update without ever leaving iPhoto. So, with special thanks to Gunter at, here is how you get it here on ActiveRain. • In iPhoto, create a new web gallery, name it and drag some photos into it. • Create a new, empty iWeb page.


• Click on Web-Widgets and select your web gallery. • Go to iDisk > Web > Sites > Site > Blank_files. • Open the resulting 'widget_markup.html' files in a text editor • Select and copy the. Section and paste it into a new document.

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• Edit each place you see the Width='160' height='140' to width 215 and height 188. This occurs in four places.

A Photo Widget For Mac Desktop

• Copy the edited text. • Go to your AcitveRain account and paste the code in My Settings > Blog Description (place the code in the order you want it to appear in the sidebar on the right) • Update and go enjoy your new widget. As you can see on the right, at 215px wide and 188 pixels high, the widget looks great in the AR sidebar. Move your mouse over the images and watch what happens. You can even set the web gallery up so you can email photos to it or allow others to upload photos.

- - - - - - - - Here is what the code should look like before you embed. I am a relatively new mac user, left the pc world forever -- woohoo! But, my problem is finding the time to learn about and take advantage of the features and functions that a mac offers. I find myself resorting to figuring out how to do what I used to do on my pc, rather than delving into the wealth of new benefits that I know are out there waiting for me. Joining this group, and learning from the posts is encouraging me to get more mac savvy.

Off translation 3.0 for mac. But, I think I need some more elementary help -- ok, maybe not elementary, but middle-school definitely. Any suggestions for how to learn more basics so that I can begin understanding and taking advantage of these advanced functions you and others use so successfully? Thanks so much for any advice! Mar 20, 2008 10:47 AM.

Photo Desktop allows you to put photos on your desktop, instead of having to choose one photo to use as your wallpaper, you can now add as many little pictures to your desktop as you want. Photo Desktop 2 adds too much to the previous version to describe, below you'll find a summary of some of the more significant changes and additions. With Photo Desktop 2 you're no longer bound to a single composition, with an unlimited amount of photosets you can create different desktops for different moments.

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