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Advertisement is widely regarded by many as being the best media player, manager and streaming application around – available for both Windows, Mac and even mobiles (though the mobile apps are not free). If you’re looking for a single solution as both a media center and server, then read on – this *is* the Media Center app you’ve been looking for your whole life. If you read through and decide you’d rather check out some of the alternatives, have a look at,, or If you're looking to set up a media center, you need to know what free software is out there. Choose the media center application that works best for you by comparing the best programs on. Is it a player? Is it server?

I want to get the Plex experience on my TV through a Mac Mini. The Mini will need to run both the Plex server - fetching the content off my NAS - as well as the client. Unfortunately my Synology cannot run Plex server due to the non-Intel architecture. Plex produces a media server and client app for Mac OsX, however there is only a server app for Windows currently available. To view your media on the Windows side of things, you can use a Plex plugin.

Plex produces a media server and client app for Mac OsX, however there is only a server app for Windows currently available. To view your media on the Windows side of things, you can use a Plex plugin. Since Plex is essentially a fork of the XBMC app, there is very little difference in the client/player side of things. Both Mac and Windows Plex Media Servers can send data to the mobile clients (obviously, there is no media server for mobile devices).

Google home app download for windows. Or is your Mac gasping for free space? A clever path is to give your macOS a good cleanup.

I’ve made a little diagram to help explain this. Installation Download and install the appropriate version from. During the install, point the app at your directories for movies and TV. Naming Conventions and Fixing MetaData One thing that always annoyed me about media center systems in the past has been how utterly incapable they seem to be of identifying my eclectic collection and gathering the appropriate covers / metadata.

The secret is to name the files correctly – this details the process, and though it may be tiresome, it does result in a beautifully unified media collection rather than a mess of folders. For those of you who can’t be bothered to read, name your movies “name of movie (date of release)” like “Steal This Movie (2010)”. I suggest you go through your collection and do a little renaming before you install Plex to give it the best chance of correct identification. If you have odd formats such as.img or.iso, then no worries – just name them and Plex will handle it all!

To launch the media manager and see what it’s found, click the taskbar icon (or right click in windows) and select Media Manager. You can then choose between TV and Movies, as well as Music if you chose to import that. You may find a few odd matches – in that case you can easily right-click on the item in question, and select Fix Incorrect Match. This will bring up a list of possibilities.

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Best Os For Plex Server

In general, I found that if the files were actually named correctly a match would generally be found – it was only when I had files that didn’t follow the guidelines that mismatches occured. The only complaint I do have is that the poster picture can’t be changed by dragging and dropping – it takes a bit of effort to navigate through the options for that – but then again you shouldn’t need to most times if it’s been correctly identified. The Plex Player App (Mac only) When your data is sorted, go ahead and launch the main player app (from Applications or the Start menu, not the icon already running in your taskbar). Bear in mind that you can’t use the mouse, as it’s designed for full-screen – so stick to the keyboard or remote. Hit Apple-F to switch to fullscreen, and start browsing through the options. The movies and TV menus options don’t need an awful lot of explaining really, except for that you can change the view style to cover flow or grid view (my personal favorite) by selecting “right” on your keyboard or remote to bring up the view options. Plex Online is the place to find plugins – such as the BBC iPlayer (UK only) – that enable Plex to interface with hundreds more free online video sources.

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